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About Us

The Ashtabula County Educational Service Center provides Continuous Improvement Planning Services to all school districts in Ashtabula County through the application of a Performance Excellence framework. These services include facilitating the preparation, analysis, decision making, and implementation of a district and building’s Continuous Improvement Plan for the purpose of improving: teaching and learning, assessment, professional development, student services, facilities, and environment; organization, governance, and resource leveraging; and family, business, and community involvement. We service Ashtabula Area City, Atech, Buckeye Local, Conneaut Area City, Geneva Area City, Grand Valley Local, Jefferson Area Local, and Pymatuning Valley Local.

Superintendent – Mr. John Rubesich

Treasurer – Ms. Mary F. Gillespie

Governing Board
Gus Saikaly, President
Sharon Schoneman, Vice President
William W. Hill, Member
Barbara Klingensmith, Member
Dr. Harlan S. Waid, Jr., Member

The following assignments have been made for the personnel of the Ashtabula County Educational Service Center. These services are available to the school districts in Ashtabula County.

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