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County Art Student Recognition

High School Art teachers select an art student from their school whose art work represents the goals and desired outcomes for their art program. The Ashtabula County Governing Board recognizes these students and their teachers to promote the importance of art education in our schools.

The work submitted is featured on the ACESC Web site and is displayed at the Educational Service Center for one year.

This annual recognition demonstrates one important aspect of the diversity of the curricula in our schools and celebrates creativity. Producing art involves four areas of focus that are important in helping students master twenty-first century skills used both in school and in the world of work: thinking creatively, working, using skills, and communicating. Our Arts teachers daily ask their students to engage in learning activities which require use of higher-order thinking skills that help students master other content areas while preparing them for life after high school.

The Ashtabula Education Service Center’s Governing Board believes that education in the arts cultivates the whole student by developing and reinforcing literacy while helping to enhance and promote the use of intuition, reasoning, imagination, and skill as they are applied to expression and communication. An education in the arts benefits society because students of the arts gain powerful insights for understanding human experiences, both past and present and in turn can apply this knowledge to meeting their obligations as citizens in a democracy.

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