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Ashtabula High School Principals Meetings

The Ashtabula County high school principal meetings are a professional development session held monthly from September through May for purposes of focusing on state and regional issues, examining high school procedures and processes being deployed across the county, researching innovative programs, best practices and strategies for ensuring all students are successful in attaining the Ohio’s Learning Standards and graduate high school well-educated and prepared for their role as citizens in the  21st century.

The meetings serve as an important mechanism for maintaining ongoing communications between high school principals throughout Ashtabula County. Whenever appropriate, guest speakers present information of relevance to the collective group. Meeting agendas and issues raised will be shared with the Ashtabula County Superintendents.



January -

1. High School Principal agenda January 2016

2. Issues 2016 – BASA Presentation

2a. Other Issues for Principals Jan 19

3. SummaryofProfessionalStandardsforEducationalLeaders2015 (1)

3a. Education Leadership (ISLLC) Standards – Comparison of Old (2007) and New Standards (2015)

3b. ProfessionalStandardsforEducationalLeaders2015forNPBEAFINAL

4. Report Card Data Ashtabula County K-3, success, graduation