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Building Bridges Resources

Curriculum Resources – Click here

Resources for students and teachers to use to enhance instruction and assessment.

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SLO (Student Learning Objecticve) Guidance


Local Measures

Student Growth Measures for Teachers

Student Learning Objectives Overview

 Building Bridges Documents:

1. BB Guidance for Creating Assessments for SLOs

2. BB SLO Scoring Report and directions

3. BB Creating Assessments for SLO’s Manual

3a) cognitive_rigor_matrix_reading_writing

3b) descrip_social_studies

3c) dok_arts

4.BB Blueprint Training Manual

5.BB Blueprint Template Blank



Ohio Department of Education  Sample Student Learning Objectives

These sample Student Learning Objectives indicate what makes a high-quality SLO and provide a template for writing your own SLO. — CLICK HERE

Regional Examples:

Grade 2 math SLO

grade 2 reading SLO

Grade 3 Math

Grade 4 Science

Grade 4 social Studies

Grade 5 Science

Professional Growth Plans

Professional Growth Plan Manual Bldg Bridges

BLDG Bridges Professional Growth Plan Blank

State Testing

Annual Reminder – Standards for the Ethical Use of Tests

 2015-2016 Test Dates, Updates, Facts

INFOhio Tech Skills for Online Testing  

Formative Instructional Practices (FIP)

FIP lies at the heart of effective teaching and learning; these practices are critical to the success of teachers and students in Ohio. By learning about and using formative instructional practices, teachers will discover ways to effectively plan for instruction and assessment of new standards, as well as learn skills necessary to create student learning objectives (SLOs) that gauge student growth and may be a component of their professional evaluation.

FIP Your School Ohio offers professional learning modules for every grade level, subject area, interest, and experience level. Use the Course Selector Tool to personalize your learning to your experiences and needs.  Click Here

Undersatnd Value Added Scores and Growth Measures:

An Introduction to VA Progess Measures A Guide for Educators

How to Access, Interpret & Use
Value-Added Reports


What Ohio Educators Need to Know about Teacher Value-Added Information:
How to Access, Interpret, Analyze, and Use Teacher-Level Reports to Impact Teaching and Learning


The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP)

The OIP embraces the concept that effective schools are engaged in a long-term process of improvement of teaching and learning that is demonstrated by a pattern of continuous improvement of learning for every child. The continuous improvement cycle includes determination of prioritized needs, planning for focused improvement, implementation of the plan, and monitoring and evaluation of the results. Ohio Improvement Process

Data and Data Analysis Tools – Click here