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Improvement Plan Resources for SGM

Undersatnd Value Added Scores and Growth Measures:

An Introduction to VA Progess Measures A Guide for Educators

How to Access, Interpret & Use
Value-Added Reports


What Ohio Educators Need to Know about Teacher Value-Added Information:
How to Access, Interpret, Analyze, and Use Teacher-Level Reports to Impact Teaching and Learning



Formative Instructional Practices are the heart of effective teaching and learning; these practices are critical to the success of teachers and students in Ohio. By learning about and using formative instructional practices, teachers will discover ways to effectively plan for instruction and assessment of new standards, as well as learn skills necessary to create student learning objectives (SLOs) that gauge student growth and may be a component of their professional evaluation.

How To Access Modules Click -Documents-Ohio-Accessing_FIP_Online_Learning

The Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession include the effective use of formative instructional practices. See which modules correspond to each standard. -documents-ohio-FIPYSOhio_OTES_All-Modules-Crosswalk

Foundations of FIP (5 modules) 

The Foundations of FIP modules build a common understanding of the four core components of formative instructional practice. You’ll hear from other teachers who share their perspective on getting started with FIP and the differences they see in their students.
Access Foundations of FIP

FIP in Action (14 modules)
These modules give you the opportunity to go inside classrooms and participate alongside teachers who are using FIP to teach Ohio’s New Learning Standards to students. The modules feature lesson preparation and real-time classroom dialog so users will gain insight into why and how instructional decisions are made.
Access FIP in Action

Reaching Every Student (3 modules)
These modules provide specific examples of how you can use formative instructional practices while teaching English language learners, students with disabilities, and gifted students.
Access Reaching Every Student

Clear Learning Targets (10 modules)
These modules offer you the opportunity to go deeper with deconstruction of standards in a familiar grade level and subject area. These modules provides examples of deconstruction of more complex standards and give teachers opportunities to practice deconstructing standards with support.
Access Clear Learning Targets

Designing Sound Assessment (9 modules)
These modules can help you become more efficient at measuring, monitoring, and adjusting learning. You’ll learn to create or select items to provide the most effective and efficient assessment for measuring student understanding and informing next steps for instruction.
Access Designing Sound Assessment

FIP Your School Ohio offers professional learning modules for every grade level, subject area, interest, and experience level. Use the Course Selector Tool to personalize your learning to your experiences and needs.  Click Here



Learn about assessment by reviewing the classroom assessment web page developed by the Pinellas School District and the Florida Center for Instructional Technology at USF.

Classroom assessments can include a wide range of options — from recording anecdotal notes while observing a student to administering standardized tests. Regardless of the form, effective classroom assessments provide the feedback and motivation that students need to excel.

This course is divided into 2 parts, each containing 3 lessons.  Part I focuses on basic concepts and common assessments such as multiple choice and essay questions. Part II includes performance assessment, classroom interactions, and attitude surveys. Throughout the lessons, resources and techniques for integrating technology are included.

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