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2016-17 Resident Educator Program Resources

The Ohio Resident Educator Program began in 2011, and has evolved to a comprehensive multi-year induction program, resulting in Professional Licensure with successful completion of the program and the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). The Ohio Resident Educator Program can be envisioned as the first years of a journey or the first steps on a path of continued professional learning, leading educators to more effective practices and excellence in teaching. While the purposes of each continue to differ: licensure (RE) and evaluation (OTES) the teacher residency program is designed to fit alongside with the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), making with clear linkages and connections between the two.

The Ohio Resident Educator Program is built upon the foundation of

Standards for the Teaching Profession



For Resident Educators

The Ohio Resident Educator Program is a four-year induction system of support and mentoring for new teachers. Successful completion of the residency program is required to qualify for a five-year professional educator license.  Click Here for details (ODE WEBSITE)

Resident Educators Mentoring Years (Program Years 1 and 2) – Click Here

Residency-Teaching-and-Learning-Experiences (1)

Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA)

Resident educators are eligible to begin the RESA when they are registered in program Year 3.  In some instances, resident educators who have credit for additional or prior teaching, are eligible to begin the RESA when registered in program Year 2.  All resident educators registered in program Year 3 who have not yet passed or taken the RESA are required to participate in the RESA.

The RESA is a performance-based assessment that an Ohio beginning teacher, known as a resident educator, must successfully pass. The assessment calls for resident educators to demonstrate their ability to design and implement instruction that: engages students in complex thinking; and uses formative and summative assessments to inform their teaching practices.

Teachers today begin their careers with four-year resident educator licenses. During this time, they must complete all four years of the Ohio Resident Educator program and successfully pass the RESA to qualify for a five-year professional license. Click here for ODE Web Page


OhioRESA - Answers to most questions are available on the Ohio RESA website maintained by Educopia for the Ohio Department of Education.
2016-17 Materials for year three and anyone in year four that has to retake a section of RESA:

RESA Instrument
Full Ohio RESA 2016-2017 Instrument

RESA Participant Guide
Ohio RESA 2016-2017 Participant Guide

RESA Instrument Task Excerpts

First Lesson Cycle Task and Rubrics

Formative and Summative Assessment Task and Rubrics

Second Lesson Cycle and Rubrics

Communication and Professional Growth Task and Rubric

Participant Guide Excerpts 

Section A: Getting Started

Section B: Special Circumstances and ADAA Accommodations

Section C: Process for Candidates Retaking the RESA

Section D: Guide to Using the Online RESA Submission System

Section E: Recommendations for Task and Evidence Selection

Section F: Uploading, Segmenting, and Submitting Evidence Reference (Video, Audio & PDFs)

Section G: RESA Instructional Evidence Reference Guide

Section H: Disqualified Submissions

Section I: How the RESA is Scored

Section J: Program Coordinator and Facilitator Guidelines for Supporting RESA Candidates

Section K: Glossary

2016-2017 Webinars

  • Webinar: Understanding your RESA Score Report (video) – please watch the video in its entirety

Welcome to the Ohio RESA Resident Educator Page – Click Here

The 2016-17 Ohio Resident Educator Summative Assessment submission cycle will run from September 15, 2016 through February 15, 2017. All Resident Educators must complete the RESA in the third or fourth year of the Ohio Resident Educator Program. Resident Educators must successfully pass the RESA and complete the requirements of all four years of the Ohio Resident Educator Program to qualify for a five-year professional license.

Topics on Welcome Page:

  • Core Registration 
  • Submission Deadlines in 2016-17
  • Preparing Materials for RESA Task Submissions

Finishing Residency  YEAR FOUR

Resident educators who did not pass all tasks of RESA during a program year will retake deficient tasks if they are registered for another program year. Resident educators have three opportunities to pass all RESA tasks.  

Resident educators who have passed RESA and are in their final year of residency are required to complete a local program.

Ashtabula County Year Four Action Plan

The Ashtabula County Resident Educator Program Year 4 consists of a completed Action Plan and Reflection


  1. Resident Educators are required to complete the Learn to Lead Module. (Est. time to complete: six hours) http://ohiorep.mopi16.com/course/ 

Date of completion:___________________

  1. Resident Educators will choose one Leadership activity from each of the following 3 categories or suggest an alternate activity to your facilitator:
  • Deepening Content Expertise
  • Collegial Professional Explorations
  • Teacher Leadership

Download ACESC Action Plan for descriptions





Resident educators who have successfully completed four years of the program and successfully passed all RESA tasks are eligible to apply to advance their license to the five-year professional educator license.

In addition, the resident educator does not need to be registered again in CORE for an additional program year.

Resident educators who hold alternative resident educator licenses should remember that they need to complete course work and testing, in addition to completing the resident educator program and the RESA, to advance to the five-year professional educator license.

Go here to learn more about resident educator licensure options.