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BELIEVE IN OHIO PROGRAM  — Click Here to Go to Their Website


Believe in Ohio is a free new program from The Ohio Academy of Science that helps high school students prepare for the future.  The program was developed in collaboration with Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio with the support of the Ohio Board of Regents and the 130th Ohio General Assembly.  The Believe in Ohio program has three principal objectives:

1.  Help students understand the challenge and opportunity the future presents for them and how to prepare for it through STEM forums, virtual field trips and online courses into Ohio’s Innovation Economy of the future.

2.  Help students understand the importance of a STEM education and an entrepreneurial mindset to become competitors in Ohio’s Innovation Economy of the future through engagement with STEM & entrepreneurial experts and mentors, and participation in STEM Commercialization & Business Plan competitions.

3.  Inspire students to Believe in Ohio and pursue their education and careers in Ohio by introducing them to Ohio’s robust R&D and entrepreneurial ecosystem that offers great opportunities for them to create their future.

Discovery Education Power Point from ACESC Summer Conference:

ACESC 2015 STEM Leader Academy Discovery Ed Presentation